Craft Cutting Machine

Cricut Maker

Used to cut vinyl and paper for crafts, t-shirt designs, signs, etc. Patrons will need to create their own account to use the Cricut and save their projects ( Patrons must bring their own materials. All materials must be Cricut compatible. Basic cardstock will be available for test cuts.

What is Cricuting?

Cricuting is using a small, computer-programmed machine to cut, perforate, score, and draw on a variety of paper, thin fabrics, and vinyl materials for decorative purposes. Cut lines are designed and sent to the machine using Cricut Design Space. Patrons will need to create their own account to use the Cricut and save their projects (  


Paper Flowers 
Shadow Box 

*Samples outside of this list may not reflect the capabilities of the machine, design files needed, or materials approved for use in our space. 

Machine use is free and time limited. Basic paper is provided for testing designs. Materials cut with Cricut Maker must be compatible with the machine—see Approved Materials List

Project Planning

Terms to Know

Cutting Mat-a sticky mat (12×12” or 12×24”) that holds material in place during cutting. Paper and fabrics have different mats made specifically to hold these different materials in place.
Weeding-separating unwanted pieces of material from cut material or from the cutting mat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
There is no cost to use the machine. Basic paper is provided for testing a design. Materials you bring with you must be listed on the Approved Materials List.

Does this machine require training?  
Before you can use this machine, you must: 
1. Have a MidPointe Library card.
2. Have completed and submitted an Innovation Pointe waiver. Waivers can be completed in the space during normal hours. Minors MUST have a parent or guardians sign in-person.  
3. Must be 10 years or older.

How do I plan a successful project?
Cutting and writing takes little time for the machine; weeding (the process of removing your cut pieces from the cutting matt) can take substantial time.

What materials can I use in the machine?
Only certain materials can be cut in the Cricut tools provided. Please see our Approved Materials List.
Material approval is at Innovation Pointe staff discretion.Material must fit on our cutting mats, which are 12×12” or 12×24”. 

How long do I have to use the machine?
Patrons have 1 hour on the machine; for longer projects, patrons can reserve time.

What should I bring?
Design: A design file setup in the Cricut Design Space software, which is free to download to a PC or cell phone. Designs must fit on the 12×24” cutting mat. Patrons will need to create their own free account to use the Cricut and save their projects ( The software will allow you to work on projects at home before coming in, as well as between visits.
Materials: Paper or vinyl material no larger than 12×24” that is compatible with the Cricut Maker (see Approved Materials List) .
*Some basic paper will be available for beginner projects.

Can I bring my own blade?
Yes. All materials and accessories must be compatible with the Cricut Maker. 

How do I reserve a Cricut? 
To reserve equipment for a longer or more complicated project, you must schedule a consultation with Innovation Pointe staff. Once staff has approved the project, they will schedule your reservation.  
Reservation times are: Wednesday 5:00-9:00 PM, Saturday 9:00 AM-1:00 PM, Sunday 1:00-5:00 PM.    
Patrons are limited to one reservation per week.  

What are the specifications of the machine?
Cricut Maker with a 12×24” Cutting Mat. Blades available include: Premium Fine Point Blade, Fabric Rotary Blade, Scoring Wheel 1, Scoring Wheel 2.  

Resources program required to use Cricut Maker (requires account sign up) prominent Cricut creator, classes, patterns and resources for design free program used to make simple .svg files to import for cut outs free resource for .svg shapes (requires account sign up for downloading)

Available Equipment (Click for More Information):

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