Pointe Assist

Get one-on-one pointers for basic computer, Google Workspace, and MS Office skills; print/fax/scan help; our eBook platforms; Research Databases; and reader’s advisory. To book an appointment, call the library (513.424.1251) or stop in at one of our branches.

Success stories:

“One day, a gentleman came to the library for his appointment seeking assistance in obtaining his birth certificate to apply for a driver’s license. He seemed overwhelmed, unsure of where to start. I sat down with him, patiently explaining the process and helping him gather all the necessary documents. Together, we completed the application, making sure everything was filled out correctly. As he left, he thanked me for my help, relieved to have taken the first step towards getting his driver’s license.”

“Last month, a patron came in seeking assistance with job applications online. Our team took down her information and she and I sat down together twice in the following weeks. “Sally” is a woman in her late sixties, who had worked only sporadic, part-time positions for the last ten years because she was the main caretaker for both of her parents in the final phases of life.

Sally has a vast amount of experience in office work, both for businesses and local schools. However, she felt out-of-touch with the rapidly changing technology in those arenas. She felt she truly still had a contribution to make in the world, and that her mental and financial health depended upon obtaining a full-time position.

During our sessions, I helped her set up an email and navigate a few applications. As she began to trust that the library was a safe place to ask for help, I also convinced her to speak with our wonderful case manager, Tasha Marcum. Tasha is working diligently with Sally to reenter the workforce and use community resources. Sally will eventually land the right job, and now she has us on her team—assisting and encouraging.”

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