Host a Family Game Night with Help from MidPointe

Host a Family Game Night with Help from MidPointe

MidPointe has many resources available to help you enjoy a family game night!

Looking for something more interactive to do with your family than just watching TV? MidPointe has lots of great board game options you can borrow for free with your library card.

Can’t remember the rules to a classic game? No worries, we’ve got you covered with plenty of books containing game rules to check out, too.

We also have resources for learning how to design games for the web! Whether you’re looking for a board game to try for the first time or learning the rules to a classic game, check us out! You’ll be glad you did.

GAME DESIGN CLASSES THRU LYNDA.COM, provided FREE on the website. All you need is a MidPointe library card and Internet access to get started.

Game Design Foundations: 1: Ideas, Core Loops, and Goals with Brenda Romero 
Learn about the basics of game design. Discover practical strategies for starting a career in game design, drafting your game ideas, and fleshing out those concepts into designs that a team can implement.
1h 32m

Learning Adobe Animate CC  with Joseph Labrecque
Get started with Adobe Animate CC. Learn how to use Animate to create rich graphics and interactive animations for websites, apps, and games.
2h 48m

Unity 3D 2019 Essential Training with Emmanuel Henri 
Learn the essentials of Unity, the powerful 3D development tool for building mobile and desktop games, real-time simulations and visualizations, and short films.
4h 12m

BOOKS ON GAME DESIGN AND GAME RULES for check out FREE with your MidPointe Library card!

“Game design” / Jennifer Hackett. 2018.  JUV 794.8 Hac
“Hello Scratch!: Learn to Program by Making Arcade Games” / Melissa Ford. 2017.  JUV 005.1 For
“The Everything Tabletop Games Book: from Settlers of Catan to Pandemic, find out which games to choose, how to play, and the best ways to win!” / Bebo of Be Bold Games . [electronic resource]  2019.  Ohio Digital Library
“The Big Book of Rules: Board Games, Kids’ Games, Card Games, from Backgammon and Bocce to Tiddlywinks and Stickball” / Stephanie Spadaccini 2005. 790.1 Spa
“A Complete Guide to Playing the World’s Best 250 Card Games: including Bridge, Poker, Family Games and Solitaires” / Jeremy Harwood and Trevor Sippets 2014.  795.4 Har
“Simple Rules for Card Games: Instructions and Strategy for 20 Games” / Don Rauf. 2013. 795.4 Sim
“Game On!: Screen-Free Fun for Children Two and Up” / Linda J. Armstrong. 2018. JUV 793 Arm
“The Games Treasury: More than 300 Indoor and Outdoor Favorites with Strategies, Rules, and Traditions” / by Merilyn Simonds Mohr. 1993. 790.1 Moh

Find a complete list of board games available for check out from MidPointe here.

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