Library on Wheels – Ohio Library for the Blind & Physically Disabled

OLBPD Reader’s Handbook

For new and current readers that offers a descriptive and detailed orientation to all of the services provided to readers of the Ohio Library for the Blind and Physically Disabled. Audio and print copies of the handbook are available to OLBPD patrons upon request. Access the OLBPD Reader’s Handbook here and the braille format of our OLBPD Reader’s Handbook here.


OLBPD patrons can expect to borrow audio or braille books such as they might find in print at a local public library. The OLBPD library collection includes braille books and audio or talking books on cassette or digital cartridge. OLBPD also lends described VHS videos and DVD’s and Blu-Ray titles, as well as Playaway pre-loaded digital audio books. OLBPD does not lend large print books. Check with your local public library for books in large print.

Equipment and Accessories

OLBPD works in partnership with the State Library of Ohio Talking Book Program. The State Library of Ohio Talking Book Program acts as the machine lending agency loaning equipment and accessories to eligible participants for the State of Ohio. Equipment available includes digital talking book machines and recorded cassette machines as well as accessories for cassette machines which includes headphones, extension levers, amplifier, breath switch, along with digital player headphones and flash drive elbow adapters.

Downloading Books

OHIO-BARD (OHIO Braille and Audio Recordings Download) allows OLBPD patrons to download electronic braille and talking books and magazines directly to a personal computer which can then be transferred to a flash memory drive and read on their digital talking book machine or third party player. Electronic braille files are in contracted braille ASCII format, and may be read online or downloaded for viewing offline or embossing with a braille display, braille notetaker, or braille embosser none of which are provided as part of this service. In order to use OHIO-BARD, patrons will need access to a personal computer with a high-speed Internet connection, an e-mail address, a 1GB or larger flash memory drive (not provided by OLBPD), and knowledge of navigating the Web, filling out online forms, downloading large files and unzipping files. The Internet address for OHIO-BARD is Patrons can register for OHIO-BARD by selecting the “BARD Application Instructions” link and following it to the “Link for BARD application.” Password and login instructions will be sent via e-mail within one to two business days.

Selecting Materials
Catalogs and special booklists, updated regularly, keep readers informed about new books. “Talking Book Topics” and “Braille Book Review” are bimonthly publications that inform patrons of new acquisitions and related library services. Patrons who do not wish to select books can have the library select for them based on subject interests. We send these updates to readers in large print, braille, or on cassette. Messages and requests are taken 24 hours a day on a toll-free telephone line: 1-800-362-1262 or by email to
The OLBPD online public access catalog (OPAC) allows readers who have a computer with Internet access to search OLBPD’s collection of books, place reserves, make service requests, update their reading interest and patron information, and much more. In order to make requests and service changes, patrons will need a user name and password provided by OLBPD. Simply contact OLBPD for your user name and password that can be used immediately. The OLBPD OPAC is located at

Reference Services

OLBPD has information resources related to blindness and disabilities. Residents throughout the state are encouraged to contact OLBPD for reference assistance on these topics.

Outreach Services

OLBPD patrons receive the “OLBPD Dimensions” newsletter that features announcements, resources, and service updates. OLBPD also hosts a yearly program called Family Fun and Learning Day, where patrons and friends are invited to visit OLBPD for a full day of programs of interest, learn and try adaptive technology, and speak to staff about their service. OLBPD also offers small deposit collections of braille and talking books for loan or demonstrations for public libraries and schools. OLBPD is also available to provide talks about our library service to public service agencies or other groups who serve people that could benefit from OLBPD library service. OLBPD provides applications and display posters about our service upon request.


OLBPD currently has a need for volunteers to help us inspect returned cassette books. Volunteers are also needed throughout the year to help with addressing newsletters and special mailings mailed to patrons, and narrating locally produced materials. Training is provided. For more information about volunteering, please contact OLBPD.