Soldering Iron


Used to join metal items on small electronics. Patrons can practice soldering electronics, including attaching electronic components to circuit boards. Patrons must bring their own electronics. Solder is provided. Repair electronics or create devices using pre-made kits that can be found for sale online.

What is soldering?
Soldering is a process by which you fuse metals by melting an alloy (solder) that hardens when cooled. With this process you can create electronic circuits or repair electronics.  

Project Planning

Terms to Know
Leads - Metal extending from electronic parts, intended for creating connections between those parts. 
Helping Hands - a stand with small, adjustable clamps to hold circuit boards or other electronics when soldering. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
Use of the soldering iron is free and solder is provided. Patrons must bring with them electronics suitable for soldering. 

Does this machine require training?
Before you can use this machine, you must: 
1. Have a MidPointe Library card.
2. Have completed and submitted an Innovation Pointe waiver. Waivers can be completed in the space during normal hours. Minors MUST have a parent or guardian sign in-person.  
3. Complete the Competency Badging by reviewing the assigned materials and demonstrating competency with an Innovation Pointe Staff Member. Materials for review can be obtained from a Staff Member. Competency Badging Curriculum for review can be obtained from an Innovation Pointe staff member. Must be 10 years or older. 

How do I plan a successful project?
Soldering requires a bit of practice to get right. We recommend you learn about soldering first and practice your technique before attempting any important projects. This is an easy to read and understand guide on soldering:

What materials can I use in the machine?
This soldering unit is suitable for electronics only. It is not made for soldering jewelry.

How long do I have to use the machine?
Patrons have 1 hour on the machine; for longer projects, patrons can reserve time.

How do I reserve the soldering iron?  
To reserve equipment for a longer or more complicated project, you must schedule a consultation with Innovation Pointe staff. Once staff has approved the project, they will schedule your reservation.   
Reservation times are: Wednesday 5:00-9:00 PM, Saturday 9:00 AM-1:00 PM, Sunday 1:00-5:00 PM.   
Patrons are limited to one reservation per week.   

What should I bring?
Electronic parts to connect using solder. A soldering iron, solder, and safety gear is provided.

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