Sewing Machine

Singer Heavy Duty 4423

Used to sew a variety of materials, including heavy-duty materials. This machine is designed for beginners and offers 23 different stitches, an automatic needle-threader, and high-speed sewing. Patrons can view tutorials specific to the machine through the SINGER Sewing Assistant App. Sew together patterns, repair old clothing, hem pants, and more.

What is sewing?
Sewing is the action of using thread and a needle to connect fabric pieces together. Sewing by machine allows you to easily and quickly repair ripped or damaged fabric and/or create new items, like clothing, blankets, pillows, towels, and decorations. Our machine will sew together even heavier materials, like vinyl or canvas. 

Introduction to the machine, overview
Threading and winding a bobbin

Project Planning

Terms to Know
Bobbin - a small cylinder around which thread is wound
Pressure Foot - a small metal piece which keeps the fabric flat while being sewn
Needle gauge/size - the size and strength of the needle; different needles are used for heavier fabrics 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
There is no cost to use the sewing machine. You may bring in your own materials in order to use the sewing machine. Two colors of thread, black and white, will be provided by the library for use with the sewing machine at no cost. 

Does this machine require training?
Before you can use this machine, you must: 
1.   Have a MidPointe Library card. 
2.    Have completed and submitted an Innovation Pointe waiver. Waivers can be completed in the space during normal hours. Minors MUST have a parent or guardian sign in-person.  
3.    Complete the Competency Badging by reviewing the assigned materials and demonstrating competency with an Innovation Pointe Staff Member. Competency Badging Curriculum for review can be obtained from an Innovation Pointe staff member. Must be 10 years or older.

How do I plan a successful project?
If you’ve never used a sewing machine before the speed of it and the control of directing the stitches may be unfamiliar to you. Before starting your project, try using the sample pieces to get an idea of how quickly the machine stitches, how one directs them, and the various stitching patterns that are available.

What materials can I use in the machine?

How long do I have to use the machine?
Patrons have 1 hour on the machine; for longer projects, patrons can reserve time.

How do I reserve the sewing machine?  
To reserve equipment for a longer or more complicated project, you must schedule a consultation with Innovation Pointe staff. Once staff has approved the project, they will schedule your reservation.   
Reservation times are: Wednesday 5:00-9:00 PM, Saturday 9:00 AM-1:00 PM, Sunday 1:00-5:00 PM.   
Patrons are limited to one reservation per week.   

What should I bring?
Design: Have a plan that includes the fabric you need as well as the color thread and an idea of the  of the gauge needle to you will need for your fabric. (We carry 80/11, 90/14, 100/16, and 18/110 needles.)   
coming soon
Materials: Bring all fabric, materials needed for your project (other than those listed that we provide). 
Fabric: less than heavy weight fabric can be used (see chart above for examples, needle size 18). 
Innovation Pointe provides spools basic thread in black and white; other colors or specialized thread must be provided by you.  

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