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MidPointe Library System Vision
Connecting a curious community.

MidPointe Library System Mission
Enriching our community through access and experiences.

Locations & Hours
MidPointe Library – Middletown
MidPointe Library – Trenton
MidPointe Library – West Chester
MidPointe Library – Monroe
MidPointe Library – Liberty

Annual Report
Find MidPointe’s 2018 Annual Report here.

Board of Library Trustees
The Library is governed by a seven-member Board of Library Trustees. Middletown City Council, as the taxing authority of the Library, is the appointing body. The length of each term is four years. The Library Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 4:00 PM.

Press Inquiries
Please contact Community Engagement Director Cari Hillman at (513)705-8511 or

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