The Friends of Chrisholm Historic Farmstead and MidPointe Library System awarded Ohio Historical Records Commission Grant
Posted By:  Cari Hillman
Tuesday, November 22, 2016

MidPointe Library System’s digital archives continue to grow due to partnerships with valuable community partners and the generosity of entities that value the preservation of historical records.   Midpointe Library System, Middletown, Trenton, West Chester, Monroe, News, Reading, Programs

The Friends of Chrisholm Historic Farmstead and MidPointe recently received news that the Ohio Historical Records Commission would be funding a grant request to transcribe and publish the Christian Augspurger Estate Packet, both in print and online. These papers from 1848 consist of 214 pages of documents including: funeral expenses; distribution of acres of land and cash to heirs; and the receipts and accounts for the entire estate. These documents are a particularly valuable source of information, as they provide evidence of the material culture, social and family values of this time period in Ohio and, in particular, of the Amish Mennonite Settlement of Butler County, Ohio.    

The Ohio Historic Records Advisory Board 2016 grant from the Ohio Historical Records Commission will provide $2,323 in funding to transcribe and publish the document that was originally housed in the Butler County Records Center . Representatives from both the Friends of Chrisholm Historic Farmstead and MidPointe Library System will contribute to this project, with hopes to make the collection available to the public in the next few months.  

More about the Friends of Chrisholm: Founded in 1995, Friends of Chrisholm acts as a steward of the Chrisholm Historic Farmstead of MetroParks of Butler County, a site representative of the Amish Mennonite Settlement of Butler County, Ohio. This site is significant because it was the fastest growing Amish settlement in America, and the first settlement to break down and dissipate. Friends of Chrisholm promotes the site to the general public by preserving and sharing the stories of its agricultural heritage, and of the Amish Mennonite people who emigrated to it from French Alsace in 1819, and German Hesse in 1830.

More about MidPointe Library System’s Digital Archive: The MidPointe Library System’s Digital Archives Collection has been developed to provide community access to items of historical, cultural and heritage-based interest. This includes digitized versions of documents, books and photographs. The majority of these items are representative of MidPointe’s service district, focusing on the eastern portion of Butler County, Ohio. However, this collection is much more than historical images. It is a treasure trove of days gone by, and an assurance that they will not be forgotten. The archive can be accessed at

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